Wednesday, December 2, 2009

There's motion in the ocean

I seem to be having this conversation often with close friends as per the title to today’s post. When we sow, toil, do, dream, plan and work the plan of course; why does it seem like there’s no noticeable change? It can be frustrating IF we do not understand the process.
Listen, when we look at the ocean, though the water on the surface appears to be still, there is motion in the ocean.

The principle of sowing a seed in the ground and eventually reaping a crop is applicable to every other area of our lives. Once you catch that your attitude will change to one of awakened expectancy.

And so it is as I continue to discipline myself to eat clean, be diligent in challenging my body in the gym as I train for my not one now but yes, two fitness shows. The first in March and the second in April. My vision and purpose clear, now it is the working out of what is within to be reflected without, and it is happening day by day. Yes, I am prepared that one week I may work my butt off in all areas and not “see” the results I’d expected, but then another week…boom there will be significant changes.
I am aware of the fact that huge sacrifices will be called on to bear, but I will take them in stride with the “today I will give my best” attitude.

On another note I am very excited to share about my completion of my “First Aid/AED” and only days away to me being an official CFT. The reality of it is building – another “motion in the ocean” project that is about to take me to another phase in fulfilling my passion.
OK, remember you have the power to choose so choose healthy and wisely

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