Thursday, December 31, 2009

Think Bigger, Give Bigger, Expect Bigger, Live Larger

As 2009 comes to a close like you I reflect on my journey, my ups and downs, valley and mountain top experiences and my gains and losses. Throughout every experience with its emotional mix I grew; I learned more about me, my strengths and weaknesses. I learned to embrace it all by being in the moment, acknowledging what I was dealing with, and worked through it. I am still mastering the art of learning to be present - it is an amazing experience when put into practice.

As I move into 2010 I am in expectancy for a healthier year in every area of my life and I extend the same to you and your loved ones.
Up the anty, think bigger, give bigger, expect bigger and live a larger life. Don't settle for what is in front of your face, you are capable of so much more. Love and care for yourself; only then will you find there's more of you to give and more to love to give unselfishly. So find your passion and run after it.

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