Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winding down to Wind Back Up

The past couple of weeks have been spent winding down while enjoying more time with friends, relaxing, eating, drinking, and shopping. I so needed this down time! My workout program has been consistent but have found I lack the energy to push through a 6 day workout stretch that my trainer has me on. I've since opted for a 4 day on one off then back again...without the energy my workouts are useless. I've since done a bit of research on some energy drinks and picked up a few samples of "vega" that contains all natural ingredients and seems to give me the edge I need.
I've also done some additional research (or a friend did for me...thanks Ian) on the added benefits of fish oil over omega 3-6-9 so come Jan/01 I'll be switching to fish oil instead.

My website is days away to being launched...ah my baby is about to be born:) and I am excited to see another phase of my journey manifested. I also applied for a part-time job at a gym opening a short distance from my home and it looks promising...will keep you posted.
Aside from that I am not really into the Christmas celebration this year as I still miss my dad a lot, but still very much thankful for a great year despite this loss.
As this month and 2009 winds down and I with it, I am equally beginning to wind up and get in gear my mental attitude and focus to enter 2010 with bigger challenges, larger dreams and a "it can be done" mindset in place for all areas of my life.
To you and yours I extend wonderful Christmas greetings and may you enter 2010 with the right mindset; with love, joy, peace and health abounding to you and may you realize your potential for your dreams to come have it in you to do it.

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