Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being stirred and challenged

Last Sunday I fired off an email to my trainer Judy complaining that I was bored with my current workout plan…well, the response I received wasn’t what I expected and it left me a bit shaky…enough to wake me up to engage a different mindset…see a excerpt below.
My body fat stats have dropped and as I write I realize that I haven’t taken or posted pictures in a while…this Saturday I promise to upload a few.
My goal for this week is to stick with my training (today is my rest day) and I revel in “rest days” now. My week cycle runs from Sat-Fri and I find that works best for me. Ok, enjoy the read, and be stirred to reach a bit higher and dig a bit deeper to excel at whatever goals you’ve set to achieve in 2010.

“Before we make changes to anything i need to see 1 full week of perfection in all areas. I want perfect sleep, perfect meal planning, perfect eating and all workouts on schedule. Training for competition is NOT the same as training for general health and fitness. Contest prep is BRUTAL and anybody who tells you their contest prep wasn't brutal has never placed well in a show. If you are just looking to get on stage for the experience and a few nice photos then not prepping meals and then being too tired to train is fine and when you come in on Tuesday I’ll quite happily take you through a resistance band workout, maybe give u a massage and give you a teddy bear to cheer you up! However I vaguely remember you saying something about wanting to win? If you still want this then let me know and I will be the appropriate bitch, so just let me know if you want to win or you want the teddy bear........

I will mix things up for Tuesday, and if you achieve your goals and I see the appropriate changes and results then it will indeed be time to mix things up. Did you choose me to entertain you ? or to kick your ass? if you want me to entertain you then call me and I'll perform an Irish dance for you when you get in on Tuesday?
Sarcastic? rude? me???? in a nutshell Diane I am WAITING for you to impress me!!!!!!! I've been a LOT nicer to you than my other clients and I think i may have been toooooo nice. This ends now!!! ;)”

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