Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's going on in my world

I can't believe the last time I posted here was Jan 13th - yikes!!! With that said it is time, overdue for an update on what's been going on in my world.
I've been doing my best to kick things into high gear as time draws nearer to my fitness competitions but have been side lined by a shoulder injury 3 weeks ago, then this past Wed morning I injured my lower back, glutes which by Thursday had travelled up my back to affect my right traps.
Why? I think it was a combo of a lack of stretching and not listening to my body when I was doing the lower back extension workout.
Needless to say I have unable to work at both of my jobs since Wed and my training has been on hold. Added to that today I should have been attending my first photo shoot as part of my "fitness workshop" to get ready for my show but was unable to attend. Mentally and physically it would have been a disaster and would have added to my disappointment.
Yes, a bit down but not out of the race by a long shot!
Today I decided to make my way back into the gym and boy do I miss training - hitting the weights, moving my body, working up a sweat not only is good therapy for me but helps to release stress, gets me re-focused and clear my head as I work towards my fitness goals. Today though slow and steady with much caution while lifting lighter I had a very good workout.
I keep promising to post new pictures, but still haven't gotten around to it...I will soon!
So with 10 weeks out to "show time" my goal isn't only to intensify my workouts, going heavy and hard, but train smarter, dig deeper and with the end result for optimal transformation...10 weeks's time to rumble...injury free!!

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