Monday, February 22, 2010

It Can Be Done

Last night I went to bed thinking about where I am at in my life pertaining to present fitness goal, my state of mind and overall what’s been going on.
In a nutshell my discouragement stemmed from my injury that is still lingering and 3 episodes of chest pains I’ve experienced in the past 10 days. ECG and other tests, x-ray and blood work being done to rule out any heart problems as heart disease runs in my family and my dad passed away from such. With that said I am not worried, just taking extra precaution.

As a result I’ve slacked greatly in the area of my eating habits and my workouts have lacked the push It would be a farce to say that I am reveling in this upset...feeding my hurt by being rebellious with my eating wasn’t helping me stay focus or encouraged.

After doing a bit of reading on “making the cut” I was reminded that I have the tools and the know how to do this…so I am 8 weeks shy out of the April competition and the question looming in my mind is “do I have it in me to get competition ready”? being aware and conscious of the pain while working hard but smart. 8 weeks, 8 weeks!! So what if I get into week 8 and find out that I am not competition ready? At least I would still be much closer than I am right now and it will tell me how much drive I actually have in me to stay focus, work through hurdles to get there. It would be a win win for me regardless.
The motto, my mantra that has embodied my fitness success-from fat loss to a career to how I live my life “It can be done” Has resurfaced within my spirit…the timing is perfect. Added to that the support and encouragement I’ve received from my trainer Judy and JJ has been phenomenal. This past week end was my decision making time and though I was very busy in my down time my mind was on where I was at. I have been in this slum before and know what to go to get out. I realized last night that it is up to me…despite the support and encouragement received at the end of the day it is up to me to go beyond a mental decision, but to act and be smart about it, and oh yes it can be done.

So today I have regained control of the reins, my mind cleared and heart focus on my compelling reasons why and game face on.
This isn't just about a competition it is about my health and achieving my ultimate fitness goal to lean out and maintain a reduce BF.

My Active List:
Write out nutrition and fitness plan for the next 8 weeks
Daily document what I eat, types of exercises executed per body part and weight lifted.
Write out my compelling reasons why and make it visible
Implementing what Judy suggested…
Daily affirm my goals and visualize the changes I am working towards.

I know this has been an extra long post but I want to be as vulnerable as possible..keeping it real and to remind you that at the end of the day it is up to you/me to decide not IF but WHEN you should get back into the game and don't allow set backs to derail all the work and progress made.

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