Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The best in a long time

Yesterday I had an amazing workout - the best I've had in over one month and boy it felt amazing. There's something exhilarating about being in an environment that you love and getting a rush from doing what you do, and seeing changes that not only affects your body, but your mental state as well. There's also something to be said about having your mind focused and attitude right...that's another post but today it's about my workout and eating that I wanted to share on.

I warmed up for 10 min on the T. mill ranging between 4.5-8 speed then I took time to stretch, then got back on and did another 20 min of interval between the same speed. It was the first day that I did a full leg work - walking lunges, romaine dead lift and leg extension - it felt really good to just work those muscles that were neglected for so long...I worked my ABs in between my leg work, stretched after then cooled down on the bike for 10 min between speed 3-5.

My nutrition this week so far has been excellent with an equal balance of wholesome carbohydrates, protein and fibrous carbs along with minimal fat and of course huge amounts of H2O.
It's a fact that regardless of our drive, dreams, and determination to reach our finish line, we will encounter set-backs, disappointments, discouragement, and derailment, but if we can see it as only temporary and not the "end all" we can learn from it, regain our focus, remind ourselves of the why and get back in the race.
It Can Be Done!

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