Friday, March 19, 2010

Health or Image - Where is the focus really?

Mostly any anything to do with fitness and or fat loss and even health that runs on Infomercials, commercials, magazines and promos have pictures of men and women with bodies that looks cut a certain way. The message being sent with the visible images is not only misleading but feeding hungry desperate people with the wrong message; which isn't only wrong but can be discouraging. Let me explain!
I've been confronted by my partner of having the wrong perception on what a "healthy" person really she so well put isn't about the body image that confirms or denies a healthy life.
I had a "reality" moment earlier this week when I realized that what was said was the I revisited my childhood and teen years I saw clearly the message that I was fed by the actions of others had me caught in a lie about myself. Growing up a chubby kid and fat teen I was teased and wasn't the most popular gal around, but once I lost weight I was embraced. Yes, I did gain confidence because I felt better about myself, but the cost of it was I hooked into the "image" thing which stayed with me all these years...until now.

Though I touted and believed and encouraged my friends and clients that a healthy life begins with the mind, nutrition and body and followed what I preached, BUT I went overboard with my body image.
Don't get me wrong I am not advocating carrying around excess weight but I want to share with you that the images seen on TV and in the magazines doesn't define being "healthy". You don't have to be a size 4 or 6 and or have bulging muscles to be healthy. Being healthy must and should start with the right sets the pace for laying the foundation and building a healthy or healthier life in every other area of your life...not just the body which can be superficial.
I can have the "body/outside" but my heart, soul, mind, personality, character and relationships can be unhealthy. There is a it...healthy balance that should be in place. Needless to say when I became aware of how warped my thinking was in regards to my own life I was saddened but at the same time liberated.
Is it better to run after the body image or healthy image...I've gotten it right and running with it in all regards thanks to what my partner pointed about you?

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