Friday, April 16, 2010

Learning from disappointments

This coming Saturday is the fitness competition that I should have been a part of, but alas due to my lower back injury I am not able to compete. My back is healing but at a much slower rate than I thought, however it has been a bittersweet learning experience; I am only now beginning to embrace this set back as a blessing and opportunity...more on that on another post.

My exercise plan in place has been geared to work on strengthening my core, legs and endurance. My nutritional plan is being acted on and again I continue to use my body to test not only what type of workouts are best suited to help heal my injury and lean me out, but combined with what, when, why I eat and the amount are equally important to ensure my continual fitness success.
My mind is no longer consumed and lamenting over my disappointment in not being able to compete. Getting to this health point has taken me well over 9 weeks…it just wasn’t meant to be this time, but there are other opportunities ahead.

My focus and goal for the next 8 weeks is to use what I’ve planned out, acting on, documenting my food intake, types and duration of exercises and thoughts, take pictures weekly along with measurements and at the end of that time share with you the outcome and my results. My intent continues to be to share...pass on what I'm learning on this journey to help you benefit in your own journey. Any thing that you can pull from to help enhance, encourage, motive and challenge you as a result of my experiences good or bad would be my reward.

Going forward there will be weekly post to this blog covering a variety of topics that is geared to health and fitness.
Alright keep moving it’s extremely good for the body, mind and soul.


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