Friday, April 23, 2010

Consistency is the key to

building a momentum in developing habits that will hopefully be equal to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.
For the past 15 days I have consistently been logging my meals, workouts in detail, thoughts at day's end and "have I met my water quota". Doing this simple task has helped me stay focused on maintaining a nutrition plan that contains more fibrous vegetables, consuming complex carbs after my workouts and weaning off from the habitual snacking at night.

I've decided to take my workout outdoors and incorporating jumping jacks, walking hill lunges, burpees and sprints are not only a nice change, but these exercises also accelerates fat burning three times faster than "normal cardio".
With summer less than 9 weeks away many are focused on dropping as much fat or toning the body. My suggestion is this - don't just focus on "summers" to get healthier...make the commitment to live a more active life and then do it. Start moving at least 3 times a week for 45-60 min, consume less sugars, cut out the pop, eat more lean meats, and fibrous carbohydrates and fruit. You can still enjoy your treats and a glass of wine - do it in moderation...once a week.

Alright, the week-end is upon us...enjoy, play safe and have fun...oh, and stay healthy!

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Steve Larsen said...

Consistency is definitely one key. I feel another super important key that people often overlook is "choices." All of this diet and exercise is ultimately a matter of choice. As long as you are balanced in your decision making, everything will work out. What I mean by choices is: say you are faced with wanting fast food badly. Go ahead and have it. But make sure you consume it knowing you have maybe "gone negative" in your calorie count or fat content for the day. This means you will have to make it up somewhere else in order to compensate. You chose to eat it, and by doing so you have to live with it. You can choose to push yourself in the gym as well. Often when I am running, I absolutely hate running, I will actually mentally ask myself "come on man, you can't run another 10 steps" or "do you know how many people would kill to be outside right now running in the sunrise?" Stuff like that. Consistency and choices.

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