Thursday, April 29, 2010

Challenge equals growth

I continue to learn that if I am to grow I have to challenge myself mentally and physically. To improve how I think my mind has to be stimulated, meaning I have to move from the position I currently find myself's sometimes called "restlessness" and or negativity. When we find ourselves being restless and or negative we eventually get around to asking why, then a solution to resolve the why is formed! Well when it comes to my life that is how I work.

And, so it is with where I am at - at the challenging mind to get back to healthy thinking, projection of my thoughts, my speaking, and actions, as much as my eating has been healthy. Of regaining my consistency and now challenging myself by applying changes, with the ultimate goal to see massive and healthier results in a shorter time.

Had a strong reminder last night from my partner as I complained about "being fat"...I'm not!! but there are days I suffer from that syndrome. I was called on my choice of words and given a walk through on what I should say instead...tough love in action and it worked. Negative words always works against us to defeat us and choosing positive words will have the opposite affect...reminders are good and necessary.

What works for me to challenge and stimulate positive change may not work for you, but the goal is to find a healthy working solution, make a plan with a deadline in place, and keep the 4D's in place -Desire, Discipline, Determination,and Dedicated to it's completion.
The outcome of my inner reflections has thus stirred me to challenge myself to grow - and in the process be an encouragement to others. Now go do the same!!

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