Thursday, May 6, 2010

The benefits of Changing up your workouts

When it comes to change as humans we tend to either do a slow crawl towards being convinced that change within our workout plan would not only be a good move, but beneficial as well. Well, let me count the ways

1. It takes away the boredom and keeps things fresh and interesting
2. It keeps you from hitting a plateau and keeps the fire stoked
3. It revs up your metabolism which results in accelerated fat loss and increased lean muscle
4. It provides multiple ways to move and challenge the body
5. It reveals what type of workout works best for you

When I speak of change in your workouts I am not only referring to what you do but where, when and how you do it. Let’s face it you don’t need to belong to a gym to get and stay fit. With a few different size of dumb bells, strength training bands, a mat and a workout ball you’ll set to execute a full body cardiovascular and strength training workout.

Since taking me and my clients workouts outside we’ve been enjoying not only a nice change in scenery but, adding a new dynamics to our workouts. By incorporating circuit training and Tabata training the visible changes are noticeably quicker. In the outdoors the ability to challenge both your cardiovascular The ability to try new things like sprinting for 20 sec up a hill then walking for 10 sec and repeating the cycle from 4-10 times…depending on your level of fitness is wicked for burning fat faster and decreasing the amount of time you workout. If you’re still doing “steady state cardio” to lose BF, I encourage and challenge you to try this on for size at least once per week.
I think you’ll be greatly encouraged by the benefits you’ll experienced and easily add it as part of your regular workout schedule.
A sample of my personal outdoor workout:
· Warm up 5 min up and down a set of stairs or light jog or brisk walk
· Stretch
· Jumping jacks 20sec work/10 sec rest repeat 8 times
· Squats and shoulder press with 8lbs weights 20sec work/10 sec rest repeat 8 times
· Sprint 20sec work/10 sec rest repeat 8 times
· Knee raise 20sec work/10 sec rest repeat 8 times

If that wasn’t enough then just try it on for size of the 5 benefits alone.

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i will try this workout.
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