Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It just couldn't be

over a month since my last post. but it is! I've now resigned myself to posting a stickie note on my computer to remind me to post once per week. This forum has helped me in my journey of becoming fit and maintaining a level of transparency that keeps me digging deeper and reaching higher to give, do and be the best.
I am happy to share that I have fully recovered from my lower back injury and my training has become stronger and more versatile. Executing various types of cardio from jump ups to jumping jacks, to step up, to cross over, to sprints to side running, to hill sprints have resulted in rapid changes to my body - which has resulted in doing leg work once per week with impressive changes.
I'm always looking to keep my workouts fresh, fun, and effective. I will share a sample along with pictures soon. I've also found it challenging to incorporate my workouts with my partner Maria who pushes me beyond my threshold and then some.
Well, this it for now...remember it is up to you! You decide!! Make it a healthy decision!

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