Monday, June 21, 2010

Have a Game Plan A & B

We all know that regardless of what goals we have a game plan in place is a MUST, IF we plan on succeeding. That’s the first step. The second step that I have learnt that is necessary is having a plan B in place. Why? Well though our plan A is the ideal plan, we don’t have control over the “unexpected” that life brings so take plan B as a “just in case”.
I learned the hard way by only having a plan A and when the bottom fell out, I didn’t have a plan B and it took me months to regain my bruised self imaged. Now there is always a plan B in place.

With the focus on fitness after having your game plan A & B in place it is time to set a start and end date – I have always found that setting the start date a week or two head is good, because it helps get the mind mentally prepared for the “execution” of the plan. Being mentally prepared prior to pursuing any goal is wise!

For the next one to two weeks prior to your start date you have the time to get your workout and nutrition plan in place by getting your home success ready for your fitness transformation/challenge. Your workout plan should be no less than 3 weeks and no more than 4 weeks. After 4 weeks you’ll need to switch things up to avoid both boredom and plateau. Along with that you need to educate and encourage yourself in this area by either joining an online support group of like minded people, and forums that you can keep educated and encouraged. I have found site to be an excellent place to get what you need in the area of fitness, nutrition and support.
These tools along with engaging visualization of where you see yourself at the completion of this goal is imperative to your success.
I have found when I implement these steps I am much better prepared to begin and follow through successfully in achieving my goals.

Remember, it is up to you and it can be done.
To your continual success


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