Friday, October 26, 2007

14 Day RTP Challenge begins - Day 1

October 26 pictures

We're off and running and I have to be honest with you - I actually have butterflies in my stomach:-) Though I'm not competing against any of the other participants, the idea of being so open and accountable to 19 other people on a daily basis for 14 straight days as I execute discipline to test myself mentally and physically is in itself another challenge.

I am all for a challenge so when Adam proposed this challenge, I was in!

OK, here are my day 1 of 14 pictures and I must say that compared to last week's pictures, I'm very pleased.

Today it is upper body strength, sit-ups plus 30 min of cardio mix.

If you're following a specific eating plan and you're invited out to dinner on a day that isn't your cheat day; here are a few options.
Eat clean throughout that day, and keep your complex carbs to a minimum so you can enjoy that glass of wine at dinner, and or indulge in a small piece of dessert.
Or, use that particular day as your cheat/day off.

Keep in mind that even if that day or meal is your cheat meal, don't go hog wild cause you'll regret it afterwards. You can still indulge and enjoy your treats in smaller quantities, and not jeopardize your plan.

Alright, keep moving towards your finish line and don't quit!


Andrew said...

Wow waht a difference a week makes, there is going to be a massive difference between your day 1 and 14 pics. Hang in there.

Take care,


Michael said...

Nice work! I will check back in on you tomorrow!


Coffeetalk said...

Hi Diane! I wanted to wish you all the best on your 14 day shred. Yes, I understand the butterflies part. We can do this. Keep up all your work and it will pay off.


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

You wrote what I've been feeling--butterflies, too. Your progress from last week to this week is awesome. You look great already. Good tip on the going out to eat. I'm doing Weight Watchers for my food plan, and its very much like what your saying. Can't wait to see your Day 14. I'll be checking in throughout the challenge.

Suzette said...

hi diane, you might remember me from the blog you deleted. I followed you then and had wondered what had happened to you. sometimes we need to take a step back and re-evaluate things and then start anew with a renewed vigor. i see that is what you are doing. life does throw us some setbacks but we need to decide how we will respond! so glad you are joining in on this challenge. i always did enjoy your posts. check back with you later.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Great hearing from you and thanks for your kind words! Yes, you know how it is at! However, I'm back and fully charged with workable tools. Be talkig with you.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Diane, you are so right about "cheat meals" going hog wild is what held me back for 6 years.


dougal said...

Hey Diane, good going girl, courage gets us through most things and you have plenty. See ya later.

Marbella said...

Hello Diane,
Just found your blog and you already look fabulous...want to give you a high-5 for the good work, and wish you all the best in this new SHRED. I too am new to all this, and too feel *scared*, but together all of us can do this!