Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When there's less to grab

I'm sure you'll all attest to the exhilarating feeling when you discover that there's less fat around your waist line to grab! Nice, sweet, wow!! are some words I used this AM to express my delight in discovering this fact.
I can actually feel the muscles of my abdomen with a touch - before it was just layers of fat! I was so motivated that my cardio session was intense with a capital I!!

OK, now to what's going on with my workout for the past 2 days and a bit on how I came up with this program and why it is working, and will continue to work.

Yesterday was upper body with a mix of cardio that did not include any machines - simple hopping, jumping jacks, shadow boxing and such. This was done during my rest set between my weight training.
I also did 40 sets of sit-ups and that did me in, but I did it and that is what counts.
My eating yesterday was carb loading and I did have a piece of home made pie.

Today was 45 min of progressive cardio followed by 15 min of cool down on the bike.
I'm following a low carb diet today and tomorrow; my carbs intake will come from complex carbs such as spinach, 1/2 banana and 1 cup blue berries.

Why 1-2-3 fat loss solution? well don't we all look for solutions to issues in our lives? We desire the best in relationships, our finances, health and our spirituality and whatever else is important to us. So when it came to my health and looking and feeling my best I needed to find a solution that works.

The 1-2-3 is all about our minds which includes influences from outside forces (people). Nutrition which includes the right supplements to not just aid in your fat loss, but what is a daily essential requirement for optimal health, and finally exercise which is an important key to achieving your fitness goals.

OK, keep moving towards your finish line, and don't ever quit!

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