Saturday, November 10, 2007

5 weeks completed and picture progress

Pictures taken Oct 15th then Nov 9th

Pictures don't lie - different clothing, but taken in the same spot at different dates.

Tomorrow I move into the 6th week of my 12 week program, and at the end of week 6, I will post my Oct 15th measurements and current. I am not a fan of the scales; simply because muscle weighs more than fat, and my goal is to burn fat, and build lean muscle mass. I use the tape and BF measuring tool.

OK, let's see if these side by side pictures work this time when posted!!!


Massimiliano said...

I was going to try to explain you how I post side, by side pictures but I see you already solved the quest!
looks very good!

Adam Waters said...

Wow! You are right Diane, pictures don't lie! A major difference in all pics, you are well on your way.


Suzette said...

you ARE on your way! keep it up!