Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's all about readiness - The Mind!

Whenever we're planning a trip we always get ourselves ready or prepared to take that trip. Regardless of the duration, to enjoy the full extent of that trip; there are certain things that we do, even if the invite or business schedule to travel is suddenly placed on us.

The first thing that happens is that our MINDS get into gear - thoughts about what to take, where to go, what to do, how much money or what currency exchange to take etc comes into play. The mind is naturally the first thing that becomes involve with this trip, and ultimately takes us to activating our imagination in seeing ourselves physically there, before we get there.

Mental preparedness or readiness is also as important in achieving any other success in life and in reaching personal goals.
Mental readiness is as important as what you'll put into your mouth and how effective your workout plan is.

We must take the time to get our minds ready prior to beginning a personal fitness journey, because when...not if, but when we find ourselves struggling, wanting to quit, discouraged because the fat isn't falling off fast enough, or the muscle isn't growing quick enough etc. What we've fed to the mind, will then become a source of fuel to help us through those difficult times, and the picture we've originally painted will rise up to encourage us to keep moving.

Due to a minor set back, today will mark my third day off from exercising, but mentally my mind is in full gear as I prepare myself for a championship week of eating and exercising.
Now go ahead and prep thyself mentally for another championship week of living and doing your best!

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Marbella said...

Hi Diane,
Am just now stopping by and seeing your Day 14 photos, and WOW, you are doing so well. Can really see all the hard work you put in. So gratifying for you I know. Sorry to see your are in pain with the muscle pull, so get well soon. You are smart to take it easy and get it fixed then go from there. Will be back tomorrow to see how it´s going!