Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 3 of week 6 - who said cardio is King?

I've gotten into the habit of mentally running my next days' workout through my mind while I settle myself down for a good night sleep. Doing that mental exercise helps me to maintain a high level of intensity and focus throughout that particular session.
So last night I played out in my mind what my cardio session was going to be like, and did it in the exact sequence that I intend to follow live the next day.
I knew that the duration would be 60 mins plus sit-ups, but being someone who enjoys variety and challenges, I wanted to add something fresh to this workout, and I did.

Here's my 60 min cardio mix:
5 min hopping, skipping, and jumping to warm up
15 min stair master of progressive and regressive speed
5 min sit-ups
20 min biking HIT
5 min sit-ups
20 min of a mix of progressive, regressive and HIT
Stretch and sign out!

A bowl of homemade oatmeal was well deserved after all that!
We can all begin to walk out our dreams, if we make the decision to take action - movement equals progress, so move!

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Adam Waters said...

Very powerful post Diane, there are a lot of important elements you discussed herem change-up and visualiztion.

Shred On!