Monday, March 31, 2008

Finding healthier alternatives

Here's my healthy alternative snack along with fruit as I stay the course on my 30 day challenge. It is amazing how our mindset changes, and our opinion and views of certain things takes a shift or a 360 when we begin to experience what we've only dared to dream about. Organic dry cereal without sugar - 7 grains as a snack alternative? yikes!!! But, I'm loving it! Every day is a victory day for me because I'm winning in the area of control and discipline. I'm also being reminded that this statement found in the Bible "as a man thinks in his heart so is he" is what we now know as "the power of visualization". What we feed will grow and when I reprogram my mind and fuel my body with the right foods, then what's in my heart (my personal fitness and health goal) begins the process of manifestation. The amazing thing is that when we do our best - and it does require sacrifice though temporary, it becomes life transforming. Becoming healthier, by losing a few or a lot of fat affects more than our physical body. The benefits far, far outweighs the sacrifice and discipline. It awakens our being to the realization that whatever we want to attain is doable and the confidence that rises is priceless.
So to everyone reading this blog, I encourage you to begin today if you haven't yet started, or keep going with your fitness goals and don't stop until you arrive at your finish line.


Anonymous said...

powerfull post today! love it! love your words. thanks.

Marbella said...

Love the blog, and love the message. When I think of you DIANE, I always marvel at you running up those stairs. To me that´s the highest kind of exercise and you can do it!