Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Motivated after 1/3 of challenge completed

Instead of writing what I've avoided for 10 days, let me say as a result of sticking to my commitment I am experiencing a measure of encouragement and motivation from within that has simply surprised me. My initial plan was to just get back into healthy habits and boy, what a sweet ride it has been so far.
Yesterday I surpassed my stair climbing goal to complete 14FS 4 times and 12FS twice within 25 min.
Who would have thought that elimination could prove to be empowering?
Who would have thought that elimination would prove to be healthy to my overall state of being and my pocket book?
Within each of us lies the discipline, the fire, the drive, to not just dream but to take practical steps to live what we dream. It all starts with a plan, proceed by a step which gets us closer to living our dream.


Marbella said...

Love to read about you and the stairs. Always makes me so awed at you and your strength...bodily and mentally to do that. Keep going.

Anonymous said...

great post today. we too much focus on the negative stuff that it is refreshing to reflect on what's good! love you posts.