Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter or Happy Chocolate?

Isn't Easter supposed to be all about the Christian faith in what Jesus did? Seem this holiday has become commercialize too - all about Easter eggs CHOCOLATE and bunny ears!! Well, to all you cyber folks I hope you're enjoying celebrating Easter for its original meaning!
I've made up a contact with myself and it is about using the next 30 days as a probation period of sorts. I'm challenging myself to stay off of all alcohol and desserts, attend church at least twice, workout 5-6 times per week., consume more wholesome foods and stop eating by 7pm.
Why? Well I need to return to more healthy habits in my life and this is the best method I can come up with.
My goal is to exercise for no longer than 45 min at one time (due to time constraints and I feel that I necessarily don't need to spend more time working out to see great results) - I could be exercising twice per day, but at no time will i go over 45 min and that will include strength and cardio.
My waist line now sits at 31 inches and that is a jump from 29 over a three month period:-(
My fitness goal between now and May 30th or 8 weeks is to lose 12-15 lbs of fat and reduce my waistline to 26-28 inches.
A healthy shout out to all my shredder team! To everyone who is pursuing a fitness goal - keep moving and don't can so do it!

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