Monday, April 7, 2008

Just pass the half-way mark!

I love week-ends but find I love week days even more when I'm on a restricted eating plan - I find it easier because base on my work schedule I know when my time is to eat and seeing that I pre-plan my meals I know in advance what I'm going to eat.
Week-ends I usually have the "anything goes attitude", but noticed that I still need to keep on my game face to stay the course during my 30 days commitment.
I'm half way there and I'm actually not missing the things I've committed to abstain from and that makes it so much easier. Though I must admit that the thirsty feeling for a cold beverage was coming on a bit, but I didn't entertain that thought for long - dismissed it as soon as it came:-)
This week my plan is to see how hard I can push myself with my cardio and how intense I can go with the weights.

Cardio - Mon-Sat (25 min with 5 min add on every day)
Strength training - 2 days upper and 2 days lower with sit-ups.

It takes work, but it's worth it!

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