Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saving time while achieving effective results

Who won't buy into spending less time working out with quicker results? Sign me up!
I'm learning and I stress learning the following:
To find the best plan for you, you sometimes will have to go through a system of trying a number of plans to see which produce the results you desire by working out effectively and eating efficiently while spending less time doing it and more time enjoying the results.
As you can tell from reading my blog I'm constantly trying different things to obtain optimal results for me.

In the past my daily workout time would be anywhere from 30-60 min per session 4-6 times per week.
However, over the past 3 months my life has become more busy which translated to me missing some of my workouts because either was a) exhausted after work and too tired or b) Felt that the time that was required to do the workout was limited, so I would opt out of it. Not the right choice, but did it anyways.

I knew that there must be a better way to achieve what I want with less time so I started to play around with my workout plan.
Over the past 3 weeks I've set my timer for do the following without taking any breaks:
Sit-ups - 10 min
Strength training - 20 min
Cardio - 15-30 min

My goal is to spend no more than 45 min at any given time per workout, sometimes it is only 30 min per workout, but I find that I've found a plan that works for me. Keeping in mind that I'll need to tweak it as I go along, but the bottom line is - I am no longer frustrated and I'm in the zone.

So, find out what works to give you the optimal results and give it your 110% and the results will show.


Debbie said...

Great plan, Diane. Yes, we do have to find a way around our obstacles and you're doing it!


(btw: 10 minutes of situps....ouch! YGG)

Anonymous said...

i think doing circuit type training is effective for what you are looking to do. hope you find the mix that works for you. i know it is an ever shifting thing we do(achieving bodily health and fitness). keep giving your 110% and you will get there.