Monday, April 28, 2008

Kicking off another 30/28

Council 2.0 Shred

Day 1/28

OK, today begins another 30 day challenge - 2 ACTUALLY!

Challenge one: Sun-Fri/2pm complex carbs (6 days)
Sweet potato/squash/spinach/protein shake/oranges/apples/almonds/lentils/eggs/chicken/fish

Fri/pm to Sat pm (24hours) carb loading
Pancake or bagel and a pasta dish.

Challenge two: Rising 2-3 times per week 30 min earlier to do double cardio!

More detail post tomorrow!

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Joni said...

Hi! Just wanted to say congrats on SC 2.0 - I'll be shredding along with you - I am so excited for us all. Keep up the great work - your results have been awesome, and you are doing so well with your challenges. I need to be so disciplined! Anyway, talk to you soon!