Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 5 - week 4

Yesterday was a write off - after completing 6 workout sessions in 4 days, my body was sending me a strong message - take a rest day - and I did!
Today will be full body strength training and cardio after work.
Commencing Sunday my carb cycling will take effect; with Wed and Sat being my carb loading or high carb day, and Sun-Tue, Thurs-Fri as low carbing days.
Tomorrow I'll post updated pics.
Yippee, the week-end is upon us...enjoy!
Remember when you give your best, believe the best, expect the best the best will manifest!

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Marbella said...

Hi Diane,
So good to have your blog now so can skip by more often. You are still doing so do you do it and all the rest of your life. Got to hand it to you. All that AND stairs is hard to copy. Keep it going and have a good weekend! It´s raining and 50ºF here in Madrid.