Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 7 of week #4 with contract in place

Day 1

Day 27

Day 27
One day shy of completing 4 weeks - boy, time sure goes quickly even though at time it appears that the work I put in isn't visible in the way I'd sometimes like. It is in those times that I must patiently persist and do my thing - experimenting on incorporating different workout routines and nutritional plan that would work best for me.
Well, I'm pleased with my results and that's what is all about!
I completed 3.5x22 flights of stairs under 30 min.
Today was my off day from strict eating and it was bad - too much ice cream and the sick feeling afterwards reminded me of what I did when I was bored or frustrated. Today I was simply bored and it showed.
I've decided for the remaining days 29 days to fulfilling the next stage of my fitness goal to June 21st, exactly 4 weeks to eliminate all desserts, junk food and alcohol from my diet. Implementing this system before produced great results and my workouts weren't as consistent as they are now.
So doing that while maintaining double and intense workouts until June 21st will no doubt get me the results I've envisioned.
Nutritional plan for week #5:
Sun-Tue low carb cycling (oatmeal,veggies, eggs/whites, protein powder,tuna & chicken)
Wed - High carb loading (all of the above including complex carbs)
Thur-Fri - Low carb cycling
Sat - High carb loading
Exercise Plan:
Sun - Cardio/sit-ups & Legs
Mon - AM/Stairs - PM/Upper and cardio
Tue - AM Sit-ups - PM/ Legs & Cardio
Wed- AM/Stairs - PM/Upper & cardio
Thur - Cardio & Legs
Fri - Cardio & sit-ups
Sat - Stairs or off day

I've simply no excuse or reason to keep me from achieving what I desire in this area of my life. Actually last Saturday while enjoying a peaceful morning with a cup of coffee in my quiet time, this statement popped into my mind "how many 6-week plan will you keep doing until you get to your goal?" There are only so many excuses or 6 or 8 or 12 week plans...eventually I too will become exhausted of spinning my wheels. This time it is about being able to touch what's only been alive in my mind - living this dream of reaching a goal I've desired - simply to see how lean I can go...what is under there...what type of body make up is residing here, while at the same time reminding myself that obtaining this personal goal does not at all define who I am as a human being - it does not declare my is simply a shell that carries my character, make-up, that embodies my personality.
Keep moving, be thankful, be content, always believe and expect the best and remember to laugh every day!

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