Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It can be done!

I'm on the home stretch; last leg of completing my course...deadline this Friday I know the end is near:-).
After reaching my study limit around 9 PM, I tuned into American Gladiator and could only describe the Gladiator's women as goddess! How did they get those bodies? what do they eat and what type of exercises do they perform?
I could only conclude with a few words - work, discipline, sacrifice, and motivation.
I realized that it can be done - the power to dream is good, the ability to visualize the dream is great, but to live the dream is greater.
Work, discipline, motivation and sacrifice have to come into play for the duration before I can declare I'm living my dream. This process is applicable to achieving success in any area of our lives.
I attended a silent auction on Saturday and won the bid on a 1 month's pass to a state of the art fitness gym located in the building where I work.
I am excited for this opportunity to maximize my workouts -starting next Monday in the AM I'll do the stairs and sit-ups at home, and in the PM I'll do my strength training and cardio immediately after work. This will free up my evenings to enjoy a break from studying for the past 4 years - until this Sept. when it will start all over again.
I've noticed that my intake of water has I'm paying closer attention to that.
OK, do your thing!

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