Thursday, May 15, 2008


has the power to build or break you. How you perceive yourself or others will define how you outwardly act, speak and see yourself or them.
A positive perception of self is imperative to life's success.
Entertaining a negative perception will discourage you and affect your attitude towards your workouts and nutritional habits.
Likewise a positive will encourage, empower and motivate you to excel at everything.
Yesterday for example I found myself thinking that I am fat; feeling fat and thinking I look fat. After feeding on that thought for a couple of hours, I realized that my negative perception was pulling me down. Then this statement popped into my head "fit or fat"? So I decided to implement a mental change to "I'm fit and healthy".
Needless to say my 25 min upper body workout reflected my renewed perception and my 20 min HITT session was a beauty.
So use perceptive thoughts that will benefit you for good!

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Anonymous said...

those self thoughts can be the worst or the best! choosing the good thoughts is powerful! a positive mindset is so important to our transformations!
you are doing fabulous!
shred on!