Monday, May 19, 2008

Recaping Week 3 and moving into Week 4

Week 3 was a success with my nutritional and exercise plan. Though I only completed 4 sessions of cardio and fell short of my goal to do 5-7 sessions, I am pleased with what I've accomplished. Wow, my finals are OVER!! and I'm more relaxed and have more time to focus and give 110% to reaching my fitness goal of 12-15%BF and 26-28 inch waist.
I completed 22 flights of stairs four times by taking 2 steps per climb. It was a wicked workout and a first accomplishment for me -- climbing a total of 14 steps per floor x 22=304x4=1216 steps up and 1216 steps down in 30 min.
Beginning this week, I've decided to double my workout - in the AM doing the stairs and in the PM immediately after work using the gym in my building for my strength training sessions. This will be done for the next month to take advantage of the 1 month gym pass I won at a silent auction!
My nutritional plan will include more carbs as my workout will be more intense and will double. My goal is to include protein with every meal - and that includes snacks also. 1.5 hours before my PM workout I will consume 1 protein shake mixed with water and a small fruit.
To recap my workout for last week and what's planned for this week:
Last week:
2 days upper with 20/15/12/10/8/6 sets each of light to heavy weights.
2 days lower with 15/12/10/8/6 sets each of light to heavy weights.
Cardio 4 sessions between 20-30 min of HITT
Sit-ups only twice
This week/Week #4
Mon - 4x22 FS up and down=30 min
Tue - AM 3x22FS & sit-ups/PM Lower 20min & 20 min cardio
Wed - AM 3.5x22FS / PM pper 25 min & 15 min cardio
Thurs - AM 3x22FS & sit-ups / PM Lower 20 min & 20 min cardio
Fri - AM 4x22FS / PM Upper 25 min & 20 min cardio
Sat - Rest or light cardio plus sit-ups
Sun - Baseball competition
*The same lifting that applied in week #3 applies to week #4.
*FS= flight of stairs
You must know your limits that pertains to everything in your life - when to push, when to draw back, when to let go, when to hold on, when to give, when to increase and when to decrease. While doing all that - be content, believe and laugh.

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