Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moving ahead

After doing some research on all day fruit diet on my trusted www.bodybuilding.com site I found out that to lose fat it isn't the wisest thing to do for a long period of time - glucose is released in such a way that fat burning is slowed.Therefore eating fruit will not be an all day event - in the PM I'll switch my food to chicken, veggies and brown rice. For the rest of this week my goal is to prepare a nutritional and exercise plan for the rest of this month and put it into a spreadsheet format, print and lay it out on my dining room table. That way I'll be conscious of it every day, and reward myself with a happy face or positive quote once I fulfill the daily requirement.I'm stirred to really see what changes my body can show within the next 25 days. I've mentioned this before but I do find it so much easier to follow my plan 100% Monday - Friday and Sunday. Saturday is all up in the air as I've no time line to adhere to, therefore my meals sometimes start at 11am and it is a ritual that Saturdays are pancake day - made with blueberries and apples. I'm thinking of adding some protein powder to the batter just to see how good it tastes.I didn't notice any difference in my one-week later pics. But that is OK as sometimes there's a lapse in seeing results; which sometimes takes 3-4 weeks before noticeable differences appear.

This morning I completed 20 min stair climbing and I felt really good. This PM I'll complete my 10 min sit-ups and aim to get another 25 min of cardio in. I'll update on the outcome in tomorrow's post.What is the deal with water retention? It isn't a good feeling and I've noticed my attitude becoming negative when this takes place, and I tend to slack off as I get discourage. So I need to be working to change that!If I can fuel those negative feeling regarding bloating into apositive – like working out harder or an extra 5-10 min or something then that could be a victory. Suggestions?Nonetheless I'm focus and I'm staying the course.

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CeeKaye said...


Maybe you'd be interested in all of the nutritional info i posted in my blog...if you go thru the posts you will find so much info on nutrition and macronutrients as to be the beginnings of a textbook!

let me know if you want i should send you specific links to the archives to which i refer.