Thursday, May 8, 2008


A copy of my plan!

SWOT isn't just applicable to business!
This thought dawned upon me while hitting the books as my final deadline May 16th draws close. SWOT is used to to analyze where a business is at and dissect to some degree what needs to be done to maximize on the strengths and opportunities while eliminating or reducing the sting of the weaknesses and threats to make the business plan more strong.
So why not apply SWOT to other areas of life? Doable! Try it!
I've not just been busy with studying and work, but my mind has been working, scheming, planning the best course of action for me for the next 45 days - 45 days because summer is coming and what better time to have a fitness deadline set for?
So the attached pic is what I've created to follow for the next 45 days - I've decided to print and manually write in my daily progress because there's something real that connects me to the tangible.
I've also noticed this week that between 2-4 my energy is at its lowest and upon arriving home around 4:45pm I have been wiped and though I work out, it hasn't been my best. So I've finally figured out today that I need more food - calories and maybe a bit of complex carbs or a protein drink 1.5 hours before I get home to hit the gym.
OK, 45 day plan kicks in as of Sunday May 11th to June 24th ( 3days after Summer begins), but I'm going to continue my pic posting with the original date of April 28th day 1.
I'll post the muffin recipe by this week-end...someone had requested it or I'd promised it...not sure but will be positing it.
Alright peeps keep moving, do your thing, and don't quit!

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