Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a Day

After enjoying a nice 3 day week-end my sleeping pattern last night was restless and under 5 hours. Nonetheless I stuck to my commitment; got out of bed at 5:10AM and did 3x22FS in 23 min. At 9am despite a strong cup of java I was pooped and felt like I was recovering from a bad hang over. I did again stuck with my plan and hit the gym immediately after work for a 20 min spinning session on the bike, 20 min lower body strength training and 2 sets of sit-ups.
My calves were so tight and sore from doing the stairs and seated calf raise that I had to apply peppermint oil and cream to loosen those muscles.
I arrived home around 5:45 PM, and quickly cooked a batch of stir-fry with peppers/celery/carrots and chicken breasts with onions and garlic served with brown rice.
I cooked enough for 5 meals so I'm set for 2 lunches and 2 more dinners.
I'm heading to bed because I'm at it again in the morning at 5:10AM to tackle the stairs 3.5x22FS

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CeeKaye said...

Wow Holy cow, i'd love to be stricken with a bout of planning like you! send some of that my way please... :)