Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 5 of Part III

Liking the results, liking the feel of firm toned muscles in places where it used to be soft, but not liking the feeling when I go to the loo - my hamstrings are still hurting from dead lifts 2 days ago. This week I've really intensify my workout and my muscles are responding with a "ah, yes you have":-)
Today I had company over for a BBQ so I did not have a set workout, but did get out at lunch for a brisk 30 min walk.
Tomorrow in the AM I'll be doing what I like to call "tha mix" which is a combo of upper, lower, sit-ups and jumping jacks for a fast pace of 30 min. Using my body resistance and free weights as I move through each workout to failure.
This week-end I'll be spending time on the nutritional aspect of my diet for the next 40 is time for a few changes, and new things.
I know what to eat, my problem is the boredom that sets in when I get tired of cooking the same ole foods....I need a variety of different recipes in addition to what I currently use, so if you have any ideas, recipes do send them my have my email address and I'd appreciate it.
OK, way pass my bed time...nite!

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Andrew said...

Hey Diane,

Glad to see you still hitting the sessions hard and that they are all paying off with.

Take care,