Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 9 of Part III

The past 3 days was spent pampering myself while I enjoyed the sunny weather in Vancouver. Sunny days that were long overdue. As a result of having fun times, I did not have the energy when I arrived home yesterday afternoon to work on my menu for the next 40 days. That will be worked on tonight and tomorrow as I have the day off celebrating "Canada Day 150 years".
My celebration will be low keyed but celebrating nonetheless.
Upon arriving home after work today I'll be doing a full body workout plus sit-ups, and tomorrow it will be all out cardio sessions.
I scrambled 1 egg plus 1/4 cup whites and added a tbsp cream cheese with green onions and masala spice, and rolled it in a w.w. pita. Had half for breakfast...yummy! A great source of protein, minimal fat and complex carbs. Now, that's added to my breakfast list along with all time favourite and omlette with peppers.
With the summer in full swing I realized that I need to plan carefully and be reminded of my goals. With BBQ, dinners on patios, to house parties, and week-end getaways, it means company, pressure, and no structure. I know I can still have fun and stay focus and current on my eating plan. I've no other choice but to as all room for failure has been eliminated.
Yep, looking at my motto "it takes work, but it's worth it"!


Debbie said...

Happy Canada Day, Diane! Enjoy the time off.

Meredith said...

Hey Diane, that burrito omellete sounds wonderful!