Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 12 &3 of Part III with some heart

I've just completed a brutal full body strength training, sit-ups and 20 min cardio. Wow, I gave it all I had and then some. Decided to take yesterday off due to some stomach discomfort, but today sure made up for that. Every time I prepare myself mentally for my workouts and get my attitude there before my body gets there, my workouts are always amazing. On the days when I don't do that they're OK! I guess it all comes down to the mental mindset in aligning the mind to walk through your routine in your mind, then when you hit the weights or cardio session, you're just exerting what you already walked out mentally.
I've reduce my caloric intake around 1200-1500 of mostly protein and complex carbs to accelerate the fat burning - it just has to ifs ands or buts here.
Alright, thanks again to all those who visit and comment on my do encourage me on this journey towards my personal best.
Alright, remember you have to want it so much that the reality of achieving it empowers you to reach for it.


Marbella said...

Hi Diane, have missed coming by for a few days, so wish you well in your fat losing war. Loved that photo today too. Could see those stair-strong legs. Michael tells me to do 1500 calories daily in a 33/33/33 format. Something to think about....
Take care.

Marbella said...

Just dropping by to see what you are doing and hoping that all´s well in your world. Saw on The Biggest Loser where they all ran up a 16-floor building, so thought of you and how you could have beat them hands down! Our own Special Stairclimber!

Michael said...


Depending on your weight, I'm worried that your calories are too low. Lynda is right, I have her on 1500 calories a day at a 33/33/33 ratio. We are going to adjust up or down from there.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Michael thanks for your concerns, but found this through a calculation on the site. I'm going to gauge it between 1200-1500 and will def increase my caloric intake if I feel hungry.