Monday, July 28, 2008

Doing it anyways on Day 37/27

Mondays are not my best day - simply because my sleep on Sunday night is not the most restful and rising at 4am doesn't help either. Therefore by noon today my body was so tired that my mind was catching up to persuade me that forfeiting my workout today was OK. At 1:45 pm I took a protein shake along with some greens + energy and a B complex pill. I intend on following through with my plan.
At the on start of my leg work, the first set was hard, my muscles were still sore from doing the stairs yesterday, but I persisted and completed 20 min of leg work, then 50 min of interval cardio. I reward myself by soaking in the bath with sea salt hoping that it will help to relax my overworked muscles.
Alright, time to check in on my fellow bloggers!
Remember, do it anyways, pushing through the tiredness and mental fatigue will be a reward in itself once you get the job done...stay the course and don't quit.

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