Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taxing but worth it on Day 36/26

Being an all cardio day I opted for a 50 min workout on the stairs within my building, and after completing 22 FSx6.5 times I was exhausted yet elated. Actual it was 48.50 min and I just couldn't take another step. At the 5th set of climbing it took a lot out of me to finish, but half way through my mentality was...I want to complete 6.5 and not just be satisfied with 6, so I stepped it up literally. After a glass of protein shake mixed with water and glutamine and a bowl of fresh blueberries I was set.
A quick trip to the local farms to pick up some fresh herbs for cooking. Mint for my water with lemons or limes, cilranto, parsley and basil for other dishes. Discovered that to save on the fresh herbs it is best to wash and dry them, then roll them in saran wrap and put it in the freezer door. This way when you're ready to use it, just take it out, unwrap and cut off what you need; the flavor beats dried herbs and it is cost effective.
My nutritional plan for the rest of this program will continue on the same path - alternating with high and low carb days, then on some days my carb consumption will be consumed by 3pm. There will be at least one day a week where it will be an all protein drink day and or all fruit day.
My workout plan for this week:
Sun - sit ups and 50 min cardio
Mon - Upper and 50 min cardio
Tue - legs and 50 min cardio & sit ups
Wed - Upper and 50 min cardio
Thurs - Legs and 50 min cardio & sit-ups
Fri - Cardio
Sat - REST


Larry said...

Super tenacity Diane. You pushed through those last steps. You should be elated. You are going strong.

Debbie said...

Hi Diane, you are a superstar on those stairs! I know they're tough.

Thanks for the ideas on storing fresh herbs. I'm going to pick some up on my next visit to the produce stand.

juli gets happy said...

You are so strong Diane,
keep up the good work.


Marbella said...

Loved hearing about all those blueberries (what a luxury), and now those herbs. I couldn´t stand cilantro, but now adore it. Fresh herbs make food so special. Love your blog and all the news. Good going on everything Miss World Best Stair Stepper!