Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wrapping up a fabulous week on day 35/25

Visited a Blue Berry Farm and picked up 22 lbs of fresh sweet blue berries that will be eaten, then most of it frozen to use in smoothies, baking and in my oatmeal porridge.
I want all of you who visit and comment on my post to know that the time you take to stop by, and at times add a few words have been extremely helpful to me in many ways; so thank you very much!
Today I didn't get to any cardio session because I had a lot of other running around to do, and with unexpected know how it goes sometimes. However, I did complete my upper body of strength training and it was amazing...I mean, the rush with the pump that comes from every lift as you push through the mental thoughts and physical limits brings an incredible high, and that is what I experienced today.
My eating wasn't 100% compliant - no junk, but ate out twice...oh and had one small serving of gelato that was yummy.
Tomorrow begins a week that will be geared around out doing this week in every way, which means bigger results, that will require bigger sacrifices. I'm so in the zone that I'm all up and ready for it.
I'll share on what I have in store for this coming week tomorrow - time to visit my fellow fitness bloggers and relax the rest of the evening.

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