Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fitting In Comfortably on Day31/21

OK here are my pics in the dress that didn't fit 3 weeks ago...a girl's got something to smile about. Completed my workout, but it wasn't the best upper bod today...just didn't have the extra to give. 30 min of cardio at moderate to high was great!

I had a 1:15 pm meeting yesterday and that was not productive because my body was there but my mind was asleep. I made it through my work day just fine, then started to doze off on the train but snapped out of it. I had a cardio session due and wasn't going to listen to my mind and talk myself out of it.
I alternate every 15 min of cardio of biking, running and stair climbing; the last 10 min of stair climbing was brutal but I held on and was yahooing to the finish line.
After dinner at 4:30pm I dozed ffon the couch and was up at 5:30...by 7PM I had my eye cover on and was in bed. I'm now fully refreshed and ready to motor.
This PM it's upper and 30 min of cardio.
I tried on a dress that just won't zip all the way up going back a few weeks - decided to slip into it this morning and walla...I'm wearing it to work:-) Pics will be uploaded tonight. Needless to say, I'm flying high!

Alright, do your thing and remember you deserve the best!


Suzette said...

first off, thanks so much for your prayers for my little Daniel! He is recovering well at home!
so awesome to fit into your dress. you have been working so hard and it is paying off! keep up the positive attitude and not listening to the mind that just wants to quit!
keep working it!!!

Suzette said...
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Meredith said...

Sweet success Diane! Congratulations on fitting in the dress, keep up the great job!

Larry said...

Mind over matter. Good for you Diane. Bet you're psyched getting into the dress!

Ron said...

Congratulations Diane! Looking good in clothes that you love (and didn't love you back before) is something to celebrate!

juli gets happy said...

Hey Diane,

I always have difficulties to open your comment-site, wonder why, I am blonde and not a "tekkie"...


Congratulations for your fantastic success!!!

I am very happy for you, you are looking great!

Michael said...

First, Juli, your comment is FUNNY..."blonde and not a "tekkie"" LOL...next CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Diane you are awesome!