Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Giving your best will result in obtaining your best

Whenever we give our best, we will without a doubt obtain the best. Our best is not measured by what another person has done, or is doing. Our best is only measured by what we define as our best.
Last night I stuck to my plan and completed my workout as scheduled. I actually went over my strength training by 2 min. Whoa!!!
My cardio session was speed walking on an incline and pushed it to the max of speed 2.8 and incline to 10. My usual speed is 3, with an incline to 12, but didn't have the extra to give.
My eating was 100% compliant and I did not feel hungry or felt I was missing or craving something that wasn't on my meal plan. I am preparing myself mentally to face the temptations that will eventually rear its ugly head, in those times I will draw strength from the desire that is driving me to succeed.
I will be posting pictures every Saturday in this order
Week 1 was the reveal pics
Week 2 & 3 cover pics
Week 4 reveal pics
Week 5 & 6 cover pics
Week 7 reveal pics
Week 8 & 9 cover pics
Week 10 reveal pics
Week 11 cover pics
Week 12 reveal pics on deadline day Dec 20th

Waiting 2 weeks between my reveal pictures will clearly show how much progress was made over a 3-week period.
Today is my 10 min lower/ 1 min sit-up and 25 min of HITT running.
Today I am thankful for life's many blessings and the gift of life!

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Marbella said...

You sound so centered, and going so well. Am so proud of you finding the right road and sticking to it. Are those photos those that are on the right? The ones with you dressed in black? Still doing stair climbing?
Keep it going!