Monday, October 6, 2008

Mastering the thoughts of the mind

Today, my body feels drained...that time of the month... My pants are quite snug on me, but not to the point whereby I can't fit into them. That is a good thing, as I know come next week they will fit better!

I'm feeding my mind with materials that will fuel my success - if the mind isn't there then the body won't follow.
Struggled to eat my broccoli and spinach this AM with 1 egg and whites...but as I dug in, I was thinking of the big picture...rather the lean me:-) and did it. Finished it off with a yummy kiwi!

Ate every thing as stated on the meal plan...thought it was too much, but found it quite filling, and hunger pangs didn't set in until around 10:15am...15 min before my lunch, so that was very good. Prior I ate less and the hunger pangs kicked in at least 45 min earlier.
Did have 1/2 of a small pita (20g of carbs) with my veggies and chicken at lunch, and will add a bit of complex carbs as my body requires, but in small portions if needed, but just enough for a bit of fuel.

This week I'll be using all machine weights with 35 min per session
Mon-Upper + 1 min sit-ups 15 min/ 20 min cardio/speed walking on an incline
Tue - Lower 10 min/25 min running (HITT)
Wed- Rest
Thurs - Upper + 1 min sit-ups 15 min/ 20 min cardio/speed walking on an incline
Fri - Lower 10 min/25 min running (HITT)
Sat - 40 min cardio plus 1 min sit up
Sun - Rest
Signing off as I work on getting my mind in gear so it will be an easy flow for my body when I am actually there this afternoon.
I will start and finish my workout; , will give my best, expecting the best to obtain the best results.

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