Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wrapping up week 1 of 12

As promised, here are my pictures and boy, I was surprised to see the amount of weight I packed on. However, I am more stoked and fired up at what I see, because what I see now, I will not see the same picture come next Saturday. It is a fact that as I daily implement changes in my eating and exercising that my body is being transformed and shaped into the image I have in my heart; a healthy, lean, fit, successful, inspired and inspiring individual. Every time I look into the mirror or pass by and catch a reflection of my image in a mirror, I smile...literally, because I know that every day something is different about me...not just outside, but my mind, my health is improving, my desires and beliefs are being affirmed and come Dec 24th, these words along with my picture will speak for itself; it will simply be a living testament.

As my first week of being back in the game of working out and eating right comes to a close, I can only sum it up by the following:
Eating: 80% compliant as I did have a bit of sugar and alcohol this week, and not enough veggies.
Exercising: 100% compliant as I pushed myself with the 30 min allotted; it was fulfilling as I sweated and maxed out on my strength training and cardio session.
Today I completed 35 min of HITT running and was spent but elated after completing this session.
Tomorrow I begin the 6-week meal program as inserted in yesterday's link, and I will be adhering to it 100%
Whatever we dream of becoming can be done, the strength we need to be discipline is within us, we just need to encourage ourselves that we have it, that we're worth it, then dig deep and do it.

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