Thursday, November 13, 2008

Continuing to bring it on Day 3 of 30 in week 6

I had a "got it" moment yesterday during my journal time! You know those light bulb moments of revelation? I realized that for me to obtain optimum (Webster dictionary defines as quality and best)results, I must stay grounded by concentrating to the task at hand, by giving my best with my nutrition and workouts.I can't have too many things on the go at the same time if I want to see the results I've set for myself within a specified deadline.

I've a few other personal goals that I'd like to pursue on deeper level - like my writing, building my website, taking some lifestyle coaching courses, and first aid program. Currently taking a financial program, and I've found that when I attempt to spread my time doing everything, the quality weakens. Sure, I can boast that I'm juggling a number of balls and look good, but when the quality of my input is weak, then why bother?

I've decide to still pursue my writing on a smaller scale, keep doing my financial program and be fully dedicated to my fitness goals. Ultimately upon reaching my fitness goal, that will make way for the fulfillment of my other goals kinda like a building block, and if implemented correctly they will all fall in place. If you want a solid house, the foundation you lay is of utmost importance for the stability and strength of the structure. So right now for the next 3 months my goal is to build an amazing foundation

Today I completed a great upper workout with sit-ups and cardio.Until your thing!

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Anonymous said...

Diane, your excitement just peers through your words! I am enjoying your renewed vigor for life and getting fit! we all need those "aha" moments!