Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 4 of 30 in week 6 feeding the mind

Every workout, every lift, every stretch I see the fat burning away and lean muscle mass in its place!
Every day can be successful if you make the decision that it will be!
Even if your eating or exercising was missed, or not 100%, or you had a run in with rude people, or physically you were fighting a cold or flu bug, or you didn't get that deal you were expecting...whatever the circumstances, you can still have a successful day.
It all depends on your attitude...sure, we get knock down sometimes by unexpected bad or sad news, but we're still successful.
When we get the attitude of our minds in the right place we can believe for the best, expect the best and reach for the best, and we will eventually tangibly experience it.

So, my question to all the folks in the shredders sphere "Do you believe in yourself enough to take action and do it?"


Ron said...

I believe!

Jason said...

Excellent mindset Diane! And yes, I do believe!

angienicholas said...

I agree with Jason. I Am working on getting into the right mind set. And I believe that taking the small steps that I have been is helping. have a great weekend. Angie

Debbie said...

I believe too. Love your frame of mind, Diane.