Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 5 0f 30 and closing week 6

As week 6 comes to a close I must say my "crazy cardio week" did not fulfill my original plan. I'd say it was a cra:-) cardio week, with craziness with each session. Though I increased my time for each cardio session, I did not do as much as I'd liked. With that said, I'm rolling into week 7 with plans to complete at least 6 cardio sessions with a minimum of 30 min per session.
Other than that, I'm happy with my progress, seeing less fat and more muscle definition and that I like.
When the pressure is on, we have to keep pressing on, because it takes NO EFFORT to quit; and quitting isn't an option right!
Until tomorrow...stay the course and make strides towards your finish line!

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angienicholas said...

hope your having a good weekend can't wait to read more. Angie Ps can see the changes.