Sunday, November 16, 2008

The start of week 7 in day 6 of 30

I've just completed my AM workout - 60 min of cardio...haven't done that in a long, long time. I mixed things up to keep from boredom...HITT and steady state intervals. I found that my endurance has improved since commencing this plan on Oct 1st. My slow pace on the T.Mill for a run is now at a speed of 3.5 compared to 2.8 and I can maintain a consistent speed at level 4 for 5 min.
This PM it will be dedicated to full body strength training and sit-ups.
My plan for this week is to complete 6 cardio sessions - 1 down!
Upper 20 min x 3
Lower 15 min x 3
Sit-ups 5 min x 3 days
Wed will be my REST day!
My nutrition plan continues to be 110% compliant, however my Christmas party is on Saturday and I plan on having 1 glass of wine and share a dessert with a friend.

Feed your mind, free your body and regenerate your spirit!

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