Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 1 of 30 and week 6 and breaking bad habits/cycles

Pic for today's post and those pants are my "goal" to fit properly without any pulls and snug on the waist as is the case now. I'll be taking pic every two weeks in those slacks. I knew that Adam won't just leave things as they are after wrapping up 14 days of shredding! I'm glad that there's another 30 day challenge, and I aim to stay 110% compliant by continuing to apply consistency, discipline and intensity to my nutrition and exercise plans.

  • When is the best time to get things in place? Now!
    When is the best time to pursue my goals? Now!
    When is the best time to live my dreams? Now!
  • When is the best time to take charge of my life? Now!
  • Who stops me from doing all of the above? Myself!

It isn't easy to break bad habits - we can all relate when it comes to the struggles we face to overcome habits that have become embedded into our lives. Though we're fully aware of the "bad habit factor", we seem powerless to shake! We "quit" the habit for a few days, then we're back into it; even more frustrated than ever, and we simply resolved and accept the lie that we just can't beat this/these demon/s. I've found through the course of my journey that I can beat any habit, overcome any fear, and achieve any dream/goal if I have certain things in place.

  • a) I have to first get my mind in gear
  • b) I have to have a written map that outlines my goal and how I intend to get to my specified destination
  • c) I have to educate myself and stay informed
    d) I have to apply/do/take practical steps; make movement to get there
  • e) I must find like mind people who will support and challenge me on this journey

Granted, I've been up and down and turn around a few times before I got it! I can say with all confidence that I'm in a different and better place than I was 1 year ago - heck the best place ever. No one, nothing can steal the vision that is alive in me; it is cemented within my spirit in four words..."this is my time". My workout today was derailed because for reasons unknown I've had a really bad stomach ache which has lasted all day, and has not let up. There's tomorrow~

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Diane! You look great! What an awesome figure!

Love your post today and your dedication. :)