Sunday, November 9, 2008

1 year milestone with an upcoming photo shoot!

I was just taking a look at my past posts for a particular entry when I discovered that my 1 year anniversary on blogging within forum was Oct 20th/2008. Wow, I've been at it for that long?
Reflecting on 1 year ago I know that I've grown (not literally:-)...OK, did a little, but that was the past...grown in understanding myself better when it comes to fitness, health, strengths and weaknesses.
I do have a goal that this time next year on my 2nd year anniversary I'll be living what I've been pursuing, and going beyond that to helping others reach their goals. Application, application, application...gotta do it to get it; it is that simple.
I'm about to step into another challenge - I'll be meeting with a professional photographer to make a down payment for a upcoming photo shoot! Yep, I am seeking ways to challenge myself to get there...not just physically and mentally, but by doing something practical which involves spending non-refundable $$, then it is definitely "game on".
Now, all I need to establish is a deadline date for that photo shoot! Suggestions, thoughts welcome!

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Jan 2, 2009 - 6 weeks from now!