Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deadline to leanness and PRW

Goals are important, because without them; we're just cruising through life without a purpose; kinda like sitting in a rocking chair that is moving, but going nowhere.
Deadlines are just as important, because without specified date, there could be no end in sight and that would be like a gerbil in a cage just spinning its wheels - their goal is to simply run on that wheel - however, if that gerbil was released from its cage, it won't just be spinning its wheels.
I've been like that gerbil in certain areas of my life for too long- trapped within my own invisible cage spinning my wheels. Then due to some life events I woke up!
So with all conviction I can say "hear me roar, watch me soar"!
With that being said about deadlines, I've decided to give myself no more than 120 days to arrive at my leanness state ever. Starting to count from Oct 1st will take me to Jan 28th -120 days!
Then while reading Adam's modules I realized that though I knew within my spirit my PRW (powerful reasons why), I needed to share it, so here are my PRW I'm on this journey.

  1. Living within a lean, fit body and prove to myself that I have what it takes to do it!
  2. Proving that at any age you can still reach for and live your dream/s and it is never too late!
  3. Reaching generation X, Y & Z with the message of "U can so do it" and empower them to live their best lives in every area.

Notice every sentence was specifically started with an action word, because I have embraced and walking towards living those PRW.


Buffedstuff said...

That is what I like to hear come on woman you can make this happen. I was just watching a video of a woman who was 60, and making all of the older ladies proud. I am cheerin you on.

angienicholas said...

you do it those sound like good PRW's I am thinking and working on mine my number one is to be able to play with and keep up with my son. who is now 5months old. have an awesome weekend Angie

Anonymous said...

Diane, great post! voicing those PRW's is powerful! Act as if...! You are so there! your renewed vigor has lit the spark in the shreddersphere!

Shari Kraft said...

Hey Diane! Loved your post today :)